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Fish-less Cycling Program ©

What is the Fish-less Cycling Program © and how can I sign up?


A Fish-less cycle is the best and safest way to cycle your aquarium without harming any jellyfish or fish. It involves placing a “pea” size (⅛” or 6mm) piece of raw shrimp into your filter box under the drip tray. If your aquarium does not have a filter box or drip tray, then you can place the piece of raw shrimp directly into your tank to decompose. 

The decomposing raw shrimp will begin to create ammonia and start the cycling process. As your system goes through the cycling process you will check in with us once a week with a picture of your API test readings and we will both record your findings.

This is open to all jellyfish aquarium owners, regardless of the type or brand of jellyfish tank you own. If you choose to participate in our Fish-less Cycling Program ©, you will receive 3 FREE moon jellyfish with your first order of jellyfish after completing the program successfully.

***For new Eon owners:

If you just purchased an Eon Jellyfish System and sign up for the Fish-less Cycling Program © and complete it, you will receive 6 free moon jellyfish with your first order of jellyfish, along with the free frozen food offered with the Eon purchase.


For more information and how to sign up, visit our new website